514. When the King shall come again

Author: Christopher Idle

When the king shall come again
all his power revealing,
splendour shall announce his reign,
life and joy and healing:
earth no longer in decay,
hope no more frustrated;
this is God’s redemption-day
longingly awaited.

2. In the desert trees take root
fresh from his creation;
plants and flowers and sweetest fruit
join the celebration.
Rivers spring up from the earth,
barren lands adorning:
valleys, this is your new birth;
mountains, greet the morning!

3. Strengthen feeble hands and knees;
fainting hearts, be cheerful!
God who comes for such as these
seeks and saves the fearful.
Deaf ears hear the silent tongues
sing away their weeping;
blind eyes see the lifeless ones
walking, running, leaping.

4. There God’s highway shall be seen
where no roaring lion,
nothing evil or unclean
walks the road to Zion;
ransomed people, homeward bound,
all your praises voicing,
see your Lord with glory crowned,
share in his rejoicing!

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Copyright: © Author/Jubilate Hymns