What blessings God bestows

What blessings God bestows,
what gifts of grace imparts,
what loving-kindliness he shows
to pure and upright hearts.
Yet still the world goes by
in power and wealth and pride,
the lawless head is lifted high,
the God of truth denied.

2. So sure the godless seem,
secure in greed and gain,
with righteousness an idle dream
and innocence in vain;
till that dread final day
when judgement comes to all,
the powers of evil swept away,
the dreams of darkness fall.

3. God is my strength and guide
by his unchanging love:
whom have I, Lord, on earth beside,
nor yet in heaven above?
My flesh and heart may fail,
but God will constant be,
his grace and mercy still prevail
to all eternity.

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