Welcome, welcome Jesus’ birth

born to make his Father known,
comes to us upon this earth—
welcome to our home.
Temple lamps burn through the night,
through the darkness and the gloom;
sinners welcomed by the light,
back to our true home.

Chorus 1:
Jesus Christ, our King,
come to save your own;
with one voice we join and sing:
‘Welcome to our home!’

2 God almighty over all
leaves behind his royal throne
in exchange for stable straw—
this is now his home.
God eternal, heaven’s King,
clothes himself in flesh and bone,
joins us in our suffering,
makes our world his home.

3 Word made flesh, the light of life
comes to those who are his own;
yet we greet him with our spite,
force him from our home.
At his birth there is no room,
at the end he dies alone;
yet he overcomes the tomb,
leading sinners home.

Chorus 2:
Father, Spirit, Son,
speaking from the throne,
come to us with words of love:
welcome to our home!


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