We have heard of your deeds, Lord, in days that are past

We have heard of your deeds, Lord, in days that are past-
our fathers have told us the story-
how the nations, defeated, were driven away;
to you they ascribed all the glory.
For the strength of your arm won the battles they fought,
they knew that their cause had your favour,
and the land they possessed was a land that was bought
for slaves who were freed by their Saviour.

2. We own you our King and in you put our trust,
expecting your name, all-prevailing,
to destroy our assailants, to honour our boast
that prayer never proves unavailing.
Ever thankful we praise you; your grace, Lord, alone
has saved us from foes so much stronger,
not our swords nor our bows were sufficient to win
when your church met with those who had wronged her.

3. Yet now we are scattered, defeated and lost,
derided and scorned by those near us.
You have made us turn back from the foe, and our host
no longer meets armies that fear us.
Will you still hide your face in our need and despair?
Awake, Lord, and come and deliver!
For the sake of your covenant grace, hear our prayer,
and do not reject us for ever.

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