1034. Up to the hills I lift my eyes

Author: Emma Turl

Up to the hills I lift my eyes.
Is it from there my help will rise?
God made the hills, the earth, the skies,
and he will help.

2 He won’t allow your foot to slip,
faithful the watch your God will keep,
he’ll never slumber, never sleep,
but he will help.

3 God watches over all your way,
close by your side he’ll always stay,
shading from harm both night and day.
The Lord will help.

4 Evil shall never vanquish you;
God watches everything you do,
he’ll keep you safe your whole life through,
he’ll always help.

5 Out on a hill where sinners died
God’s holy Son was crucified;
now he is at his Father’s side,
our living help.

6 I lift my eyes to Calvary,
there the Lord Jesus bled for me;
no greater love could ever be,
no surer help.

Scripture: Psalms 121

Copyright: © Emma Turl/administered by the JUBILATE GROUP