121B. Unto the hills around me I lift up

Author: J D S Campbell 1845-1914

Unto the hills around me I lift up
my longing eyes;
from where for me shall my salvation come,
my help arise?
From God the Lord shall come my certain aid,
from God the Lord, who heaven and earth has made.

2. Your God will never let your footsteps stray,
his grasp is sure;
he will not sleep, but holds your life in his;
you are secure:
God never slumbers; he is always there,
and keeps his people in his holy care.

3. God is the Lord, your stronghold and defence,
your shield and shade;
he will protect by his almighty power
the life he made:
no sun shall harm you from its noonday height;
nor moon afflict you in the silent night.

4. From every evil he shall keep your soul,
from every sin;
God shall preserve your life as you go out,
as you come in:
watching above you, he whom we adore
will keep you henceforth and for evermore.

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