768. Through all the changing scenes of life

Authors: Tate, Nahum, Brady, Nicholas

Through all the changing scenes of life,
in trouble and in joy,
the praises of my God shall still
my heart and tongue employ.

2. O magnify the Lord with me,
with me exalt his name;
when in distress to him I called,
he to my rescue came.

3. Of his deliverance I will boast
till all that are distressed
take comfort from God’s help to me
and find in him their rest.

4. The hosts of God encamp around
the dwellings of the just;
deliverance he provides for all
who in his mercy trust.

5. O taste his goodness, prove his love!
Experience will decide
how blessed are they, and only they,
who in his truth confide.

6. Fear him, you saints, and you will then
have nothing else to fear;
his service shall be your delight,
your needs shall be his care.

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