There is a Kingdom coming

There is a kingdom coming,
so we must take a stand
and answer to our calling
within this foreign land.
As long as we are doubting,
confusion rules the day;
the more we feel at home here,
the less we show the Way.

2. There is a kingdom coming!
As this world’s empires cease
we share God’s truth and justice,
compassion, joy and peace.
In Jesus we are given
true life for all to see
and by his Spirit’s power
he sets the captives free.

3. There is a kingdom coming,
complete with promised crown
for those whose race is finished,
whose lives have been laid down.
By faith we run for victory,
a triumph song we sing;
each step a declaration
that Jesus is our King!

4. Your kingdom come, Lord Jesus,
as we live out your word.
Let righteousness and justice
in every land be heard.
We, who have seen your glory
and known your saving grace
can have no other vision
and need no other place.

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