1093. The wonders of the skies above

Author: Emma Turl

The wonders of the skies above,
the witness of the earth below,
proclaim your glory, God of love,
in language everyone will know.
As now we hear their praise outpoured,
may we respond in worship, Lord!

2. On high we see the risen sun
as bridegroom come to meet his bride;
from east to west its course is run,
and nothing from its heat can hide.
But in the splendour of your word
we see your brighter Son, O Lord!

3. Your word of truth transforms our lives:
the faithful teaching you impart
is all we need to make us wise
and your commands rejoice the heart.
No honey could be sweeter, Lord,
or gold more precious, than your word!

4. Here let us find your radiant law
that fills our darkened minds with light,
your presence clothed in holy awe,
your every judgment fair and right!
By these you warn your servants, Lord,
and lead them to a great reward.

5. How can I tell each time I stray?
Forgive me all my hidden sin.
Keep me from arrogance, I pray—
it must not rule my life again.
May all my thoughts, and every word,
be pleasing in your sight, O Lord.

Scripture: Psalms 19

Copyright: © 1984 rev. 2013 EMMA TURL/PRAISE TRUST