The heavens declare your glory, Lord!

The heavens declare your glory, Lord!
In every star your wisdom shines;
but when we see your holy word,
we read your name in clearer lines.

2. The rolling sun, the changing skies,
and night and day, your power confess;
but Scripture, to our opened eyes,
reveals your justice and your grace.

3. Sun, moon and stars convey your praise
to all the earth, and never stand;
so when your truth began its race,
it touched and glanced on every land.

4. Nor shall your spreading gospel rest
till through the world your truth has run;
till Christ has all the nations blessed
who see the light or feel the sun.

5. Great Sun of righteousness, arise
and bless the world with heavenly light!
Your gospel makes the simple wise,
your laws are pure, your judgements right.

6. Your noblest wonders here we view
in souls renewed and sins forgiven:
Lord, cleanse my sins, my soul renew
and make your word my guide to heaven.

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