The God of Abraham praise

The God of abraham praise
who reigns enthroned above;
the Ancient of eternal days
and God of love!
The Lord, the great I AM,
by earth and heaven confessed,
we bow before his holy name
for ever blessed.

2. To him we lift our voice
at whose supreme command
from earth we rise to seek the joys
at his right hand:
we all on earth forsake,
its wisdom, fame and power;
the God of Israel we shall make
our shield and tower.

3. Though nature’s strength decay,
and earth and hell withstand,
at his command we fight our way
to Canaan’s land:
the watery deep we pass
with Jesus in our view,
and through the howling wilderness
our path pursue.

4. He by himself has sworn —
we on his oath depend —
we shall, on eagles’ wings upborne,
to heaven ascend;
there we shall see his face,
his power we shall adore,
and sing the wonders of his grace
for evermore.

5. There dwells the Lord our King,
the Lord our righteousness,
victorious over death and sin,
the Prince of peace:
on Zion’s sacred height
his kingdom he maintains,
and glorious with his saints in light
for ever reigns.

6. Triumphant hosts on high
give thanks eternally
and ‘Holy, holy, holy,’ cry,
‘great Trinity!’
Hail, Abraham’s God and ours!
One mighty hymn we raise,
all power and majesty be yours
and endless praise!

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