53. The fool has said within his heart

Author: Emma Turl

The fool has said within his heart,
‘There is no God!’
They are corrupt, their deeds are vile
before the Lord.
For none is righteous, there’s not one
whose works are good.

2. From heaven upon the sons of men
our God looks down,
to see if any people here
seek God alone.
But there is none who has not strayed,
not even one.

3. Will evil-doers still persist
and never learn?
God’s people they devour like bread,
in unconcern.
They never call on God; to him
they never turn.

4. On those who saw no cause to fear
God’s terror came;
and since they persecuted us,
he scattered them.
On everyone whom God despised
came death and shame.

5. We long to see salvation come
from Zion’s King,
our shattered fortunes to restore,
our freedom bring:
let all God’s people then rejoice
and gladly sing.

Scriptures: Psalms 10:4, Psalms 14, Psalms 53, Romans 3:10-12

Copyright: © Author/Praise Trust