Sweet word of consolation

Sweet word of consolation;
this God will not reject
his wayward, sinful nation,
yet loved and yet elect.
Though exiled now and tearful,
their strength he shall restore,
till they, the faint and fearful,
on wings of eagles soar.

2. Great word of vindication!
The promised Chosen One,
sin’s scourge and condemnation,
God’s servant and his Son,
yet in his power remembers
a broken people’s need.
He will not quench the embers,
nor snap a drooping reed.

3. Dear word from heaven proceeding
like winter snow and rain,
in silent blessing feeding
the summer fields of grain!
God’s word shall not be broken.
The faithful heart must learn
it is not vainly spoken,
nor empty will return.

4. O word of dereliction!
The Servant meekly bore
their sin and their affliction
in pain and sorrow sore.
Yet word of all most glorious!
He is their risen Lord
who will return victorious;
God’s true incarnate Word.
(Based on Isaiah 40–55)

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