Sweet is the work, my God, my King

Sweet is the work, my God, my king,
to praise your name, give thanks and sing;
to show your love by morning light,
and talk of all your truth at night.

2. Sweet is the day, the first and best,
on which I share your sacred rest;
so let my heart in tune be found,
like David’s harp of joyful sound.

3. My heart shall triumph in the Lord
and bless his works, and bless his word:
God’s works of grace, how bright they shine —
how deep his counsels, how divine!

4. Soon shall I see and hear and know
all I desired on earth below;
all that is evil then shall cease,
Satan no longer break my peace.

5. No more shall I be snared by sin
vexing my mind and heart within,
but all my powers for God employ
in that eternal world of joy.

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