523. Spirit of faith, come down

Author: Charles Wesley 1707-88

Spirit of faith, come down,
reveal the things of God
and make to us the Godhead known
and point to Jesus’ blood.
Your work the blood to apply:
O give us eyes to see
that he who did for sinners die
has surely died for me.

2. No one can truly say
that Jesus is the Lord
unless you take the veil away
and breathe the living word.
Then, only then, we feel
our interest in the blood
and cry, with joy unspeakable,
‘You are my Lord, my God!’

3. O that the world might know
the all-atoning Lamb!
Spirit of faith, descend and show
the worth of Jesus’ name;
the grace which all may find,
the saving power, impart
and testify to all mankind
and speak in every heart.

4. Inspire the living faith
which you alone can give;
bear witness we are raised from death,
that we are Christ’s, and live!
The faith in Jesus’ word,
that makes the mountains move,
saves all who call upon the Lord,
perfecting us in love.

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