Sovereign Lord, we sing your glory

Sovereign Lord, we sing your glory,
yours is the eternal throne;
majesty and awesome power
flow from God, and God alone.
Far above the earth’s small circle
you embrace infinity;
reigning, mighty over all things,
glorious, holy Trinity.

2. Sovereign Lord, we sing your praises
for, though sinners, we rejoice
knowing this, that where your grace is
Man is bound to lift his voice.
Full forgiveness, total pardon,
streaming down from God above,
sets us free from sin’s dominion,
now to serve the King of love.

3. Sovereign Lord, show us your glory,
give us eyes to pierce the veil;
eyes to see transcendent beauty,
God, the Lord who cannot fail.
Draw us closer by your Spirit
till our hearts can bear no more!
Gracious, patient, loving, faithful:
Lord, your glory we adore.

4. Sovereign Lord, we love your glory:
righteousness and truth we praise;
you alone, our God, are worthy
to receive the song we raise.
Angels sing your matchless grandeur
face to face, by glory awed;
gladly we bow down before you
and, by faith, proclaim you Lord!

5. Sovereign Lord, restore your glory,
Sovereign Lord, the darkness lift!
Take us out to tell the story
of our Lord’s stupendous gift!
Fill our hearts until there blazes
holy love to save, to heal.
Sovereign Lord, come down in power,
holy glory now reveal!

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