Sing to God new songs of worship

Sing to God new songs of worship –
all his deeds are marvellous;
he has brought salvation to us
with his hand and holy arm.
He has shown to all the nations
righteousness and saving power;
he recalled his truth and mercy
to his people Israel.

2. Sing to God new songs of worship –
earth has seen his victory;
let the lands of earth be joyful
praising him with thankfulness.
Sound upon the harp his praises,
play to him with melody;
let the trumpets sound his triumph,
show your joy to God the king!

3. Sing to God new songs of worship –
let the sea now make a noise;
all on earth and in the waters
sound your praises to the Lord.
Let the hills rejoice together,
let the rivers clap their hands,
for with righteousness and justice
he will come to judge the earth.

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