Silently we watch as our God

Silently we watch as our God
steps down from his glorious throne
into this poor world.
Taking to himself his tiny human form,
he who made the world
lies in Mary’s arms.

We worship you, Immanuel,
we adore you, our Prince of peace.
Kneeling low, we behold your glory,
incarnate God our Lord.
Kneeling low, we behold your glory
and worship Christ our Lord.

2. Thankfully we take from your gracious hand
gifts of priceless worth,
bought with your own blood.
Lifted up and reconciled to God again,
all our sins forgiven,
sons of God we stand.

3. Joyfully we wait till our Lord shall come,
robed in majesty
for all the world to see.
Glorious in power, he will judge the world.
Righteous King of kings,
he will reign for ever.

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