935. Shine now upon us, Lord

Author: John Ellerton 1826-93

Shine now upon us, Lord,
true light of all today;
and through the written word
your very self display,
so that from hearts that burn
with gazing on your face
our children all may learn
the wonders of your grace.

2. Breathe now within us, Lord,
your Spirit’s living flame,
so that, with one accord,
our lips may speak your name.
Give them the listening ear
and hold the wandering mind,
that those we teach may hear
your love for lost mankind.

3. Speak through us now, O Lord;
your truth alone we seek;
according to your word
be all the words we speak;
so may our children know
the one good shepherd’s voice
and, where he leads them, go
and in his love rejoice.

4. Live daily in us, Lord;
your mind and will be ours;
you shall be loved, adored
and served with all our powers,
so that we all may teach
our children, as they grow-
by something more than speech-
your way, yourself, to know.

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