64. Receive, O God, my anguished prayer

Author: David G Preston

Receive, O God, my anguished prayer:
protect my life from those I dread,
and from the evil they prepare
in their desire to see me dead.

2. Their tongues they sharpen like a blade,
and aim with care their bitter lies;
well hidden, they are not afraid
to take the guiltless by surprise.

3. Resolved to have this evil done,
they talk of where to lay their snares,
presuming they are seen by none,
and that success will soon be theirs.

4. ‘The perfect plan we have designed!’-
they dare to praise their loathsome art:
how devious is the human mind,
how dark and deep the human heart.

5. But God will take them by surprise:
their bodies will be stricken, torn,
destroyed by their recoiling lies,
and all will look on them with scorn.

6. In solemn tones will every voice
declare God’s work and its result;
then let the just in him rejoice,
in him find refuge – and exult!

Scriptures: Acts 23:12-22, Psalms 64, Psalms 140:10, Proverbs 12:13, Matthew 12:14, Mark 3:6

Copyright: © Author / Jubilate Hymns