Praise the Lord who reigns above

Praise the Lord who reigns above
and keeps his court below;
praise the holy God of love
and all his greatness show!
Praise him for his noble deeds,
praise him for his matchless power;
him, from whom all good proceeds,
let earth and heaven adore!

2. Spread to all the earth around
the Lord’s almighty name;
let the trumpet’s echoing sound
the Lord of hosts proclaim!
Praise him in the sacred dance,
harmony’s full concert raise,
in the one desire to advance
our great Redeemer’s praise!

3. Celebrate the eternal God
upon the harp and lyre;
tambourines and cymbals loud
to his high praise aspire!
Praise him, every sounding string,
with your full melodious art,
all the power of music bring,
the music of the heart.

4. Him, in whom they move and live,
let every creature sing,
glory to their maker give
and homage to their king!
Hallowed be his name beneath,
as in heaven, on earth adored!
Praise the Lord in every breath!
Let all things praise the Lord!

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