1014. Praise the Lord! Give him the glory!

Author: Emma Turl

Praise the Lord! give him the glory!
As his people join in worship,
from a heart that’s overflowing
I will sing in thankfulness.
All who love his word must ponder
on his works, so full of wonder.
He is mighty – give him praise!

2. So majestic in his splendour,
in his righteousness for ever.
All he does we will remember,
God of mercy and of grace.
He gives food to those who fear him,
keeps his word to all who hear him.
He is faithful – give him praise!

3. He has shown his works of power,
he has made his people conquer.
All his precepts last for ever,
true and just are all his ways.
They are steadfast, never failing,
still in righteousness prevailing.
He is holy – give him praise!

4. In the fear of God is hidden
the beginning of all wisdom;
those who follow him are given
understanding all their days.
He has sealed his declaration,
has secured our souls’ salvation –
give him everlasting praise!

Scripture: Psalms 111

Copyright: © Author / Praise Trust