327. Praise be to Christ in whom we see

Author: Timothy Dudley-Smith

Praise be to Christ in whom we see
the image of the Father shown,
the firstborn Son revealed and known,
the truth and grace of deity;
through whom creation came to birth,
whose fingers set the stars in place,
the unseen powers and this small earth,
the furthest bounds of time and space.

2. Praise be to him whose sovereign sway
and will upholds creation’s plan;
who is, before all worlds began
and when our world has passed away:
Lord of the church, its life and head,
redemption’s price and source and theme,
alive, the firstborn from the dead,
to reign as all-in-all supreme.

3. Praise be to him who, Lord most high,
the fulness of the Godhead shares;
and yet our human nature bears,
who came as man to bleed and die.
And from his cross there flows our peace
who chose for us the path he trod,
that so might sins and sorrows cease
and all be reconciled to God.

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