Powerful in making us wise to salvation

Powerful in making us wise to salvation,
witness to faith in Christ Jesus the Word;
breathed out for all by the life-giving Father-
these are the Scriptures, and thus speaks the Lord.

2. Hammer for action and compass for travel,
map in the desert and lamp in the dark;
teaching, rebuking, correcting and training-
these are the Scriptures, and this is their work.

3. History, prophecy, song and commandment,
gospel and letter and dream from on high;
words of the wise who were steered by the Spirit-
these are the Scriptures; on them we rely.

4. Gift for God’s servants to fit them completely,
fully equipping to walk in his ways;
guide to good work and effective believing-
these are the Scriptures, for these we give praise!

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