1151. Our view across the miles gone by

Author: Christopher Idle

Our view across the miles gone by
is filled with thankfulness.
The years that crept now seem to fly;
past peaks and valleys, low and high,
our Lord and God we bless,
his goodness we confess.

2.   Some paths are cloudy, some are clear,
as we look fondly back;
the changing focus year by year,
regret or comfort, hope or fear,
yet nothing can we lack
while keeping on his track.

3.  We cannot know the where or when
of landmarks on the hill;
the measured threescore years and ten
may pass, but will not come again,
for time does not stand still,
but runs, for good or ill.

4.   And though we march, and love to sing,
the future none can tell;
we know not what a day may bring,
but learn to trust the sovereign King
of heaven and earth and hell;
our God does all things well.

5.   So, Christian, while it is today
be ready for his call;
while travelling on the homeward way
look to the cross, and boldly say,
while worlds and empires fall,
Christ is my All-in-all.