559. Our Father God, your name we praise

Authors: Clock, Leonardt, Payne, Ernest Alexander

Our father God, your name we praise,
to you our hymns addressing,
and joyfully our voices raise,
your faithfulness confessing.
Assembled by your grace, O Lord,
we seek fresh guidance from your word:
now grant anew your blessing.

2. Touch, Lord, the lips that speak for you;
by Scripture’s wisdom train us:
revive our hearts by what is true;
from every wrong restrain us.
Give us each day our daily bread;
may hungry souls again be fed;
may heavenly food sustain us.

3. Lord, make your pilgrim people wise,
the gospel message knowing,
that we may walk with lightened eyes
in grace and goodness growing:
your word supplies your people’s need,
one holy law for us to heed,
from heaven your wisdom flowing.

4. As with your people here we meet
your grace alone can feed us:
as here we gather at your feet
we pray that you will heed us.
O Lord divine, the kingdom’s powers,
the praise, the glory, all are yours:
may Jesus Christ still lead us!

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Copyright: © Executors of E A Payne