One man, alone, in unremitting darkness

One man, alone, in unremitting darkness,
knowing his life is soon to reach its end,
prays for the strength to face the coming moment:
a traitor’s kiss from one he called a friend.

2.   One man, alone, he faces his accusers–
judges who neither care nor understand;
nothing he says in answer to their questions
can change a fate he knows has long been planned.

3.   Scourging and thorns, then nails and crucifixion:
who can believe the pain this man must bear?
Then at the point when evil seems to triumph
he yields his life to God’s unfailing care.

4.   One Man alone has drawn the sting of evil–
he has the right to sit on heaven’s throne!
Yet he is glad to stand with those who suffer:
so we need never face our trials alone.

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