574. One holy Apostolic church

Author: James Seddon 1915-83

One holy apostolic church,
the body of the Lord:
our task, to witness to his name
in full and glad accord-
one Lord confessed, one faith believed,
one baptism its sign;
one God and Father over all,
one fellowship divine.

2. By Christ redeemed, in Christ renewed,
from every tongue and race,
we live to share with all the world
the wonder of his grace:
as God is holy, we must be
above reproach and blame;
for royal service set apart,
his gospel to proclaim.

3. With apostolic faith and zeal,
the church in every land
must bring God’s love to every life
as Jesus gave command:
his partners in a common task
uniting east and west,
we serve as one to make Christ known,
in him shall all be blessed!

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