534. On this assembled host

Author: James Montgomery 1771-1854

On this assembled host,
in this accepted hour,
O Spirit, as at Pentecost,
descend in all your power!
We meet with one accord
in our appointed place,
and wait the promise of our Lord,
the Spirit of all grace.

2. Like mighty rushing wind
upon the waves beneath,
move with one impulse every mind;
one soul, one feeling, breathe.
Both young and old inspire
with wisdom from above;
and give us hearts and tongues of fire,
to pray and praise and love.

3. Spirit of light, explore
and chase our gloom away,
with brightness shining more and more
until the perfect day.
Spirit of truth, we pray,
for ever be our guide;
O Spirit of adoption, may
we all be sanctified.

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