Of the Father’s heart begotten

when no world had come to be,
he is Alpha and Omega,
he the source, the ending he,
of the things that are, that have been,
and that future years shall see:
evermore and evermore.

2 By his word was all created;
he commanded; it was done:
earth and sky and boundless ocean
in their threefold order one;
all that sees the moon’s soft radiance,
all that breathes beneath the sun:
evermore and evermore.

3 Happy is that day for ever
when the virgin, filled with grace,
by the Spirit’s power conceiving
bore the Saviour of our race;
and the babe, the world’s Redeemer
first revealed his sacred face:
evermore and evermore.

4 This is he whom priests and poets
sang of old with one accord;
whom the voices of the prophets
promised in their faithful word:
now he shines, the long-expected;
let creation praise its Lord:
evermore and evermore.

5 Praise him, all you hosts of heaven;
praise him, angels in the height;
powers, dominions, bow before him,
and extol his glorious might;
let no tongue on earth be silent,
let each heart and voice unite:
evermore and evermore.


METRE: 87 87 8777 SECTION: 3b

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