O what matchless condescension

O what matchless condescension
the eternal God displays,
claiming our supreme attention
to his boundless works and ways;
his own glory,
his own glory
he reveals in gospel days.

2. In the person of the Saviour
all his majesty is seen,
love and justice shine for ever;
and without a veil between
we approach him,
we approach him
and rejoice in his dear name.

3. Would we view his highest glory?
Here it shines in Jesus’ face;
sing and tell the amazing story,
all you sinners saved by grace:
call the guilty,
call the guilty
this great Saviour to embrace.

4. In his highest work, redemption,
see his glory in a blaze;
nor can angels ever mention
that which more of God displays.
Grace and justice,
grace and justice
here unite to endless days.

5. O what sweet and solemn pleasure,
God to view in Christ the Lord:
here he smiles, and smiles for ever;
may my soul his name record,
praise and bless him,
praise and bless him
and his wonders spread abroad.

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