O sing a new song

O sing a new song,
O sing to the Lord;
O sing all the earth:
his name be adored!
Tell forth his salvation
as day follows day;
among all the peoples
his wonders display.

2. For great is the Lord,
most worthily praised,
more awesome than gods
the heathen have raised;
the Lord made the heavens,
so great is his might,
and dwells amid majesty,
beauty and light.

3. Ascribe to the Lord,
all nations on earth,
due glory and strength,
due honour and worth;
let all the earth seek him,
with offerings draw near,
in holiness worship
and bow down with fear.

4. Proclaim to all lands:
‘The Lord reigns today!
This earth shall be freed
from change and decay:
his justice is coming’-
O heavens, rejoice,
and oceans re-echo
with thunderous voice!

5. Then forest and field
for gladness shall sing
to welcome the Lord,
their maker and king;
for by his true judgement
at last shall be weighed
all lands and all peoples,
the world that he made.

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