O mighty rulers, can you claim

O mighty rulers, can you claim
that you speak righteousness?
Do you defend the poor and weak
in truth and uprightness?
No, in your heart you plot and scheme;
injustice marks your life;
you deal out violence on the earth
and foster human strife.

2. The wicked from their birth tell lies,
they sin, they go astray;
they have the venom of a snake,
they do not heed God’s way.
God shall destroy his enemies
and scatter all their might;
the wicked shall be swept away
and vanish into night.

3. The righteous victims will rejoice
when vengeance is complete;
their triumph is God’s sovereign power,
which saves them from defeat.
Then all will say, ‘The righteous still
receive a sure reward,
the earth shall see there is a judge
and he is God the Lord.’

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