O Lord, O Judge of all the earth

O Lord, O judge of all the earth,
to whom all vengeance does belong,
arise, and shine your glory forth,
pay back the proud, condemn the wrong.

2. How long, O Lord, shall wicked ones
in boasting pride triumphant be?
How long shall they afflict your own
and say, ‘The Lord God does not see’?

3. You senseless fools, take heed and fear;
shall he not see, who formed the eye?
Shall he not hear, who formed the ear,
and judge not, who is Judge on high?

4. O Lord, how richly blessed are all
you tame, and train, and teach your law!
For in the day that sinners fall
your people live for evermore.

5. Unless the Lord had helped again,
in silent death my home would be;
my foot began to slip, but then
your love, O Lord, supported me.

6. So who will rise against their crimes,
and stand to face the evil day?
Can those whose power corrupts our times
pretend that God will not repay?

7. The wicked bend their evil power
to bring the just to misery;
but God the Lord shall be my tower,
my refuge and my rock is he.

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