O holy, holy Lord

O holy, holy Lord,
the high and lofty King,
in solitary might enthroned,
to you all praise we bring.
Eternal, pure as light,
O sinless majesty,
who was and is and is to come,
and shall for ever be.

2. How can I gaze on you?
For sin my sight has robbed!
Yet things that man can never do
are possible with God!
You bring us to new birth,
your Spirit stirs the dead,
we turn from sin and enter in
to Christ, our living head.

3. Lord, keep me humble still —
though pardoned, I do fall:
give me a contrite, lowly heart
that looks to you for all;
that stands in awe of God,
that climbs your holy hill,
and trembles at your holy word,
and does your holy will.

4. So shall I walk in love,
so shall I see my God,
so shall my days be spent in praise
of him who shed his blood.
So shall I serve aright,
so shall my life accord
with the presence of eternal light,
O holy, holy Lord.

O holy, holy Lord; O holy, holy Lord;
O holy, holy Lord.

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