O God who shaped the starry skies

O God who shaped the starry skies
and made the sun in splendour rise,
whose love our life imparts,
still may that same creative word
which formless void and darkness heard
be known within our hearts.

2. Teach us to see, as Moses saw,
your will revealed in perfect law,
a covenant divine;
a word to make the simple wise,
a light of truth before our eyes,
and on our souls to shine.

3. Move every heart in holy fear
the judgements of the Lord to hear,
your word about our way;
and in that law let all rejoice
to find a loving Father’s voice
and his command obey.

4. So may we share for evermore
the sweetness of that golden store,
and taste its rich reward;
and make the Scriptures our delight
and walk as pleasing in your sight,
our great redeeming Lord.

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