1013. No condemnation now

Author: Jim Sayers

No condemnation now,
with Jesus Christ within,
the Spirit’s law of life
has conquered death and sin;
and so my song shall ever be
that Jesus Christ has set me free.

2. God sent his only Son,
made like our sinful flesh,
to meet the law’s demands
for perfect righteousness,
and by his death condemned in man
the sin that kept us from God’s plan.

3. All those he chose and called
he’ll freely justify
to be made like his Son,
in glory when they die.
We know he works all things for good,
for those who know and love their God.

4. We know our present pain
with glory can’t compare;
our hope is not yet seen,
so we shall persevere;
in all these things his grace we prove
and more than conquer through his love.

5. If God is on our side,
from all our foes we’re free;
not death, nor life, nor powers,
things now, nor yet to be,
nor things below, nor things above,
can keep us from our Saviour’s love.

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