734. My heart is full of Christ, and longs

Author: Charles Wesley 1707-88

My heart is full of Christ, and longs
its glorious subject to proclaim!
Of him I make my noblest songs-
I cannot cease to praise his name;
my eager tongue delights to sing
the glories of my heavenly King.

2. More radiant than the earth-born race,
perfect and pure in every part,
filled are your lips with words of grace,
and full of love your tender heart:
God ever blessed! with awe we see
the fulness of your deity.

3. Armed with your Holy Spirit’s sword,
take to yourself your power divine,
stir up your strength, almighty Lord!
Your power and majesty combine
to spread your worship and renown-
O all-redeeming God, come down!

4. Come and maintain your righteous cause,
in all your glorious work succeed;
O spread the victory of your cross,
ride on, and prosper in your deed!
Through earth triumphantly ride on
and reign in every heart alone.

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