Many, many planets

Many, many planets, (many, many planets)
many, many mountains, (many, many mountains)
many, many rivers, (many, many rivers):
God made them all.
Many, many flowers, (many, many flowers)
many, many animals, (many, many animals)
many, many people, (many, many people):
God made them all.

Yet God knows everyone,
knows the wrong that we have done,
sent his only Son
who died to set us free.

Many, many stories (many, many stories)
written in the Bible (written in the Bible)
tell me I can trust him (tell me I can trust him):
he’ll hear my call.
Promises to listen, (promises to listen)
really understands me, (really understands me)
never, never changes (never, never changes):
God cares for me.

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