Make music to the Lord most high

Make music to the Lord most high
whose praise is our delight:
as day begins we sing your love,
your faithfulness by night.

2. Lord, when we see what you have done
our songs of joy resound:
your handiwork, how vast it is,
your counsels, how profound!

3. The godless mind will never know-
because its sense is void-
that though the wicked spread like grass,
they all shall be destroyed.

4. For ever, Lord, you are supreme;
your throne remains on high
while rebels meet eternal doom
and evildoers die.

5. But like the cedar and the palm
the righteous stand serene;
they flourish in the house of God,
their leaves are fresh and green.

6. To fruitful age they still proclaim
the Lord who makes them new-
our God, in whom there is no wrong,
my rock, for ever true.

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