Lord, to you we lift our voices

Lord, to you we lift our voices,
sing to praise your glorious might;
see, the anointed king rejoices!
In your strength is his delight;
heart’s desires, heartfelt prayers-
he finds favour in your sight.

2. Lord, you welcomed him with blessing;
purest gold his head has crowned;
life for ever, days unceasing,
in your presence joys abound:
his the glory, his the victory,
for in him true faith is found.

3. So this king will not be shaken,
held in love by God most High;
by your hand your foes are taken,
at your coming they shall die:
fire consuming all their scheming,
all their hopes you will destroy.

4. In your strength, O Lord, uplifted,
you will rid this earth of wrongs;
with your wealth your king is gifted:
take the praises of our songs;
Son of David, high ascended,
every power to Christ belongs!

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