Lord God, who breathed your word of old

Lord God, who breathed your word of old
on those who wrote the sacred page,
the same through all the years untold-
to us, in our degenerate age,
the Spirit of your word impart
and breathe his life into our heart.

2. While now your holy word we read
with earnest prayer and strong desire,
O send your Spirit, in our need
our souls awaken and inspire,
our weakness help, our darkness chase,
and guide us by the light of grace!

3. When in the paths of sin we move
and so the living God forsake,
our conscience by your word reprove,
convince and bring the wanderers back,
deep wounded by your Spirit’s sword,
and then by pardoning grace restored.

4. The sacred lessons of your grace,
transmitted through your word, repeat,
and train us up in all your ways
to make us, for your work, complete;
your love’s redeeming plan fulfil,
perfect us in your holy will.

5. With your rich grace our lives renew,
that we may always ready stand
to help the souls redeemed by you,
as all their various states demand;
to teach, convince, correct, reprove,
and build them up in holiest love!

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