229. Light up this place with glory, Lord

Author: John Harris (1802-56)

Light up this place with glory, Lord,
enter, and claim your own;
receive the homage of our souls,
and make in us your throne.

2. No altar now—no earthly priest
can for our sin atone;
our great high priest and sacrifice
died once and once alone.

3. We ask no cloud of glory bright
to rest upon this place;
give, Lord, the substance of that sign —
the fulness of your grace.

4. O Lord, who, risen, came to bless,
gently as comes the dew,
here entering, breathe on all around,
‘My peace I give to you.’

5. No rushing mighty wind we ask,
no tongues of flame desire;
grant your life-giving Spirit’s light,
his purifying fire.

6. Light up this place with glory, Lord:
the glory of that love
which forms and saves a church below
and makes a heaven above.

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