Light and salvation is the Lord for me

Light and salvation is the Lord for me;
whom shall I fear?
Stronghold and fortress of my life is he;
what harm comes near?
When powers of evil try to take control
they cannot thrive;
though deadly war breaks out against my soul
I stay alive!

2. One thing I ask: in God’s most holy place
to spend my days,
live in his light, and on his glorious face
direct my gaze.
Then he will keep me safe and raise me high
within his care;
God is my music, my delight and joy,
my praise, my prayer.

3. So when I call to you and seek your face
and when I pray,
my Saviour God, do not withhold your grace
nor turn away.
Father and mother may leave me alone;
the Lord is here!
Guide me, O LORD, and let your path be shown
secure and clear.

4. Save me, O God, when enemies arise
who plot my death;
violence is in their hearts, their threats and lies,
their very breath.
My eyes shall see the goodness of the Lord;
I trust his word.
Wait for him still, with heart and strength restored;
wait for the Lord!

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