Lift your eyes to the Lord your God

Father of goodness and grace;
all of your burdens and gifts of praise,
come, lay them down in this place.

For his arm is mighty and his love will endure,
his plan is perfect, his victory is sure;
and his anger is righteous but his grace is free—
Oh, what a Saviour is he!
Oh, what a Saviour is he!

2. Lift your souls to the Lord your God,
maker of heaven and earth;
sun and moon bow before his throne:
praise him for all he is worth.

For his arm is mighty…

3. Lift your minds to the Lord your God:
he will fulfil all your needs;
seek his wisdom, attend his words,
follow wherever he leads.

For his arm is mighty…

4. No condemnation now I dread!
Jesus and all in him is mine!
Alive in him, my living head,
and clothed in righteousness divine.

For his arm is mighty…

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