Lamb of God, you now are seated

Lamb of God, you now are seated
high upon your Father’s throne,
all your gracious work completed,
all your mighty victory won;
every knee in heaven is bending
to the Lamb for sinners slain;
all sing forth his praise unending-
‘Worthy is the Lamb to reign!’

2. Lord, in all your power and glory,
still your thoughts and eyes are here,
watching over all your people,
to your gracious heart so dear;
you for them are interceding-
everlasting is your love-
and a holy rest preparing
in our Father’s house above.

3. Lamb of God, you soon in glory
shall to this sad earth return;
all your foes shall quake before you,
all that now despise you, mourn:
then your saints shall rise to meet you,
with you in your kingdom reign;
yours the praise and yours the glory,
Lamb of God for sinners slain.

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