Jesus, the Saviour, comes

greet him with joyful song,
Prince of the heavenly throne
promised to earth so long;
he comes to fight our mortal foe
and carry all our sin and woe.

2 Jesus, the Saviour, comes!
Lord over life and death;
sin and destruction die,
felled by his holy breath:
Triumphant from the cross and grave
he comes to heal and bless and save.

3 Jesus, the Saviour, comes,
Sovereign and Lord of all;
kingdoms, dominions, powers–
all at his feet must fall:
he comes to banish death and sin
and bring his great salvation in.

4 Lord of the Christmas crib,
Lord of the cross of shame,
humbly we worship you,
proudly we take your name:
be all our joy till advent drums
and trumpets cry, ‘The Saviour comes!’

5 Then with your ransomed hosts,
faultless before your face,
sons of the living God,
born of redeeming grace,
your love we’ll sing, your power we’ll praise:
your name adore through endless days!

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