466. Jesus, Prince and Saviour

Author: Timothy Dudley-Smith

Jesus, prince and saviour,
Lord of life who died,
Christ, the friend of sinners,
mocked and crucified;
for a world’s salvation
he his body gave,
lay at last death’s victim,
lifeless in the grave.

Lord of life triumphant,
risen now to reign!
King of endless ages,
Jesus lives again!

2. In his power and Godhead
every victory won,
pain and passion ended,
all his purpose done:
Christ the Lord is risen:
sighs and sorrows past,
death’s dark night is over,
morning comes at last!

3. Resurrection morning,
sinners’ bondage freed!
Christ the Lord is risen,
he is risen indeed!
Jesus, Prince and Saviour,
Lord of life who died,
Christ the King of glory
now is glorified!

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