606. Jesus, O sovereign Lord of all

Author: Charles Wesley 1707-88

Jesus, O sovereign Lord of all,
the same throughout eternal day,
hear now your weakest followers call,
and teach us how we ought to pray:
pour out your prayer-inspiring grace
and stir us up to seek your face.

2. We cannot think a gracious thought,
we cannot feel a good desire,
till you, who called a world from nought,
the power into our hearts inspire;
and then we in your Spirit groan,
and then we give you back your own.

3. Jesus, regard the common need
of all your tempted followers here,
and answer us as now we plead
and send us down the Counsellor:
implant your Spirit in our heart,
a life of constant prayer to impart.

4. To help our soul’s infirmity,
to heal your sin-sick people’s care,
respond to our repeated plea
and make our hearts a house of prayer:
the promised Intercessor give,
and let us now yourself receive.

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