Jesus is King

Jesus is king
and I will extol him,
give him the glory
and honour his name.
He reigns on high,
enthroned in the heavens,
Word of the Father
exalted for us.

2. We have a hope
which is steadfast and certain,
gone through the curtain
and touching the throne:
we have a Priest
who is there interceding,
pouring his grace
on our lives day by day.

3. We come to him,
our Priest and Apostle,
clothed in his glory
and bearing his name;
laying our lives
with gladness before him;
filled with his Spirit
we worship the King

4. O Holy One,
our hearts now adore you;
thrilled with your goodness
we give you our praise.
Angels in light
with worship surround you;
Jesus our Saviour,
for ever the same.

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